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Inspection Services for Home Sellers in Abilene, Brownwood & San Angelo, TX

If you are selling your home and are interested in working with industry-leading home inspectors, we highly recommend that you consider working with Morgan Inspection Services.

Our Home Inspection Company proudly serve clients located in Brownwood, Abilene, San Angelo, Stephenville, Lampasas, Ballinger, Cisco, Cross Plains, Brady, Coleman and surrounding areas of Texas and would love to work with you to ensure that your home is in proper condition before showcasing it to potential buyers.

Preparing to sell your home? Have it inspected first!

This can provide you several advantages:

  1. It could be a non-biased report showing prospective buyers that your home is in good condition and has no serious problems.
  2. It could uncover some problems that you could remedy before they ever become an issue as you try to sell your home.

Many prospective buyers hire home inspectors during the option period, and it is very likely that if there is a problem with your home it will be uncovered during the buyer’s home inspection. So why not make this minor investment and take care of these problems before they become issues.

*As you consider whether or not to do this, please be aware that the inspection report will become part of your seller’s disclosure since any inspection that is performed on a home in the previous four years must be included in the disclosure documentation.

The prospective buyer of my home has scheduled an inspection, what do I need to do?

  • Ensure that all utilities are on
  • Ensure the breaker panel and attic access are accessible
  • If the home has a crawlspace, ensure the crawlspace opening is accessible
  • Restrain pet

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