Thermal Imaging and Home inspections in Abilene Texas, Brownwood Texas, San Angelo Texas

Thermal Imaging

At Morgan Inspection Services, we have the capability to use infrared cameras on our inspections. With an infrared camera, also called thermal imaging, we can often see details that the naked eye cannot see. Infrared cameras show differences in surface temperatures, and this can allow the inspector to see overheating wiring, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and other things that cannot be seen otherwise. Infrared cameras cannot see through walls or anything else for that matter – they do not give us X-ray vision. However, very often a water leak or an electrical issue inside a wall or ceiling will create temperature differences on the outside of the wall or ceiling that our infrared cameras can then detect. Sometimes, these are serious issues that would not be discovered without the use of a thermal camera – at least not until the damage gets worse and more costly to repair, and finally becomes visible inside the home.

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Here are some examples of things that we and other inspectors have found with thermal imaging.

Home inspection with thermal imaging Abilene Texas

This is what most inspectors would see.

Thermal imaging Abilene Texas

With our thermal camera, we can see that water has gotten behind the siding since no kick out flashing was installed.

Thermal imaging Brownwood Texas

This is what most inspectors would see.

infrared imaging Abilene Texas

With a thermal camera, it was apparent that one of the connections was overheating and needed to be addressed.

Infrared imaging Brownwood Texas

This is what most inspectors would see when they look at this bedroom wall.

Infrared roof inspections Abilene Texas

With thermal imaging, it was very apparent that the shower on the other side of this wall was leaking into the wall.

Infrared roof inspections Brownwood Texas

This is what this junction of a living room wall and ceiling looked like to the naked eye.

Thermal roof scans Abilene Texas

With thermal imaging, it was obvious that there was an electrical issue up in the attic that needed to be addressed.

Thermal roof scans Brownwood Texas

To the naked eye, this bedroom floor looked normal.

water leak inspections Abilene Texas

With our thermal imaging camera, we discovered that rain water was coming into the room from under the sill plate in the wall.

In each of the cases shown above, none of these problems would have been identified during the course of a normal home inspection without the use of thermal imaging. While thermal imaging is not a guarantee that all such issues will be discovered, it will give your inspector a much greater chance of identifying such issues during your home inspection. Call Morgan Inspection Services today to schedule your inspection, and you will receive the most thorough and comprehensive inspection in the area!! All of our inspections include thermal imaging.