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Is Your Swimming Pool Leaking? If you are constantly having to add water to your pool, the pool may simply be losing water to evaporation or it may be leaking? How do you know, and why does it matter? A leaking pool can lead to some serious problems, so it is important to know if it is leaking – especially if you can see any cracks in your pool. You can hire a company who can come out with some specialized equipment to determine if it is leaking, and then to locate and repair the leak. This could be quite expensive. Another option is for YOU to determine if there is a leak, and to call the repair company out only if your test determines that there is indeed a leak.

Performing a leak test on a pool is a simple process – it’s called the bucket test. To do this test, the pool will not be able to be used for about 24 hours. You will also need to turn off your autofill system and any water features if you have them. The bucket test will account for any water loss due to evaporation.

Here’s how to perform the bucket test | Swimming Pool Leaking

  1. Set a bucket such as a 5-gallon bucket on the steps in your pool. You’ll need to put a brick in it to help to hold it in place. The top of the bucket needs to be above the water level.
  2. Put pool water into the bucket until the water level in the bucket exactly matches the water level in the pool. (I have sometimes used a clear storage container (like a Rubbermaid or other brand) so I can easily see when the water level inside the bucket is the same as the water level outside the bucket.
  3. Now wait 24 hours. Make sure the pool is not used and that no water is added during this 24-hour test.
  4. After 24 hours, check the water levels. If the water level in the pool is lower than the water level in the bucket, then your pool is leaking and you will need to have the leak located and repaired. If the levels are the same, then your pool is not leaking, and your water loss is simply due to evaporation.

The idea behind the bucket test is that the water in the bucket and in the pool are subjected to the same conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, rain, etc.) and thus will evaporate at the same rate and receive the same amount of rain water. That being so, the only factor that can result in a difference in water levels is if your pool is leaking. This is a quick, simple, and free test that may save you from having to unnecessarily call out a pool repair company.

Here is a link to my video explaining the bucket test.

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