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Make Sure Your Septic System Stays in Good Condition; Call Now for a Septic Inspection Near Abilene, TX or Surrounding Areas

Many people’s approach to their septic system is “out of sight, out of mind.” If neglected, however, your septic tank can face serious issues, resulting in expensive repairs and a lot of stress. This can be prevented, however, by regular maintenance—for example, pumping the tank to minimize the introduction of solid matter into the drain field. Morgan Inspection Services can provide you with a septic tank and well inspection in order to make sure everything is in good condition. If you’re near Abilene, TX or surrounding areas, consider giving us a call. 

Trust Us to Handle Your Septic Tank Inspection

Our normal septic system inspection procedure is as follows: 

  • We locate the septic tank. 
  • We dig down to the top of the tank, then find and remove the clean-out plug in order to open the septic tank. 
  • We inspect the visible part of the interior of the tank for cracks, root buildup, and any other problems that we observe. 
  • We probe the septic tank to determine the amount of sludge, scum, and liquid in the tank. 
  • We perform a water flow test to determine how well the lateral lines are functioning. 
  • We inspect the drain field area for indications of surfacing water. 
  • We attempt to determine the proximity of the septic tank and drain field to wells, bodies of water, etc. 

Schedule Your Well and Septic Inspection

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