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Creating a blog can sound intimidating for some businesses. You’ll hear people say, “I’ll leave blogs to people who are more talented at writing” or “I already have a website- that should be good enough”. Do you want your business to seem just “good enough”? Or do you want to set the standard for real estate everywhere and stand out from the crowd? Here are three reasons why you should utilize blogs as a resource for your business. 

Blogs help establish a relationship with potential and existing clients  

Websites are a wonderful and necessary resource for businesses in this day and age. But more often than not, they are designed to be concise, need-to-know information about your business, your services, and how to contact you. There’s not much room to show new or existing clients who you are. Cue blogs. 

A blog allows you to show your personality through less formal (or formal depending on preference) yet still informative posts about topics you find important. From general tips for first-time homebuyers everywhere, to detailed, area-specific market information and trends, you can share whatever you’d like. Just make it your own and show that you are a real person rather than just a nice picture on a website or business card. 

Allowing comments on your blog helps to establish a relationship with clients because you can respond to specific questions/concerns that people have. It is a more personal experience for your audience, often making them feel more comfortable with using you for services. People are more likely to gravitate towards someone with whom they have established rapport than someone they know little to nothing about.

Blogs help set you apart from competitors by demonstrating your expertise in Real Estate 

Your experience and knowledge of the real estate industry are what people are looking for, and a blog can help you portray that information. Imagine you have a blog that you post to twice a month. In one year, that is more than 20 different articles showing your audience how much you understand about the industry. That is more than 20 articles that potential clients can read to feel more informed and confident in who they choose to work with. More than 20 articles for you to demonstrate your extensive knowledge, your passion, and establish authority in the field.

While you obviously don’t want to bash your competitors in the blog, your posts will speak for themselves as you write from personal experience, include relevant research and information you may have, and allow customers to leave honest reviews and experiences. By frequently sharing your expert knowledge on the internet for ALL to find and see, you will climb the ranks as a leader in the industry and become the go-to person for all things real estate. 

Blogs can help your SEO rankings, making your online presence even stronger

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, plays a huge role in any size business when you have a website or anything business related online. SEO is optimizing your web content to help drive traffic to your website by making you appear more often in searches, ranking better on searches, etc. Part of SEO is how many links you have pointing to your website. So whether your blog is a page as part of your site, or a completely different site that links back to your website, it is providing more for the search engines to pull from and more opportunities that your business will come up in searches. Each blog you write has a unique URL, giving you more pages for people to find that link back to you! And once you make your post, it is out there on the web for years to come. 

While quantity is important, so is quality (if not more so). You don’t want to have a blog just to have a blog for search engines to find- you want to have a quality blog that people will want to read. When you have well-written and thought out blog posts, search engines as well as consumers can see the difference from that of a half-hearted piece. You don’t want your blog to drive away your potential clients. It’s often helpful to establish a goal of how often you want to post. You want to write often enough that you are giving current and potential clients a reason to continue reading and return to your blog, but not so often that you are stressed about the deadline and creating sub-par posts. 

Remember, you want and need a strong online presence. When it comes to decisions as important as home buying/selling, consumers are going to be doing their homework. Make your business stand out from the crowd and make people want to work with you because of your expertise in real estate with the help of a blog. Don’t stress if you’re afraid of your writing ability or running out of ideas for blog posts. Ask family, friends, and co-workers for their opinions and ideas. Better yet, find out from your consumers! Research what worries or questions your target audience has, what is happening in your area, and even what other realtors in the country are talking about. 

So if you don’t have a blog yet, what are you waiting for? Get started today and start reaping the rewards within your own real estate business.

This post was written by Kayla Perdue, Digital Marketing Manager for Morgan Inspection Services. 

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