Attic Ventilation

Have you ever gone up into your attic on a hot summer day? If so, you know how hot it can get inside an attic. This heat buildup is one of the main reasons why proper attic ventilation is critical to maintaining the health of your home.

Emergency Utility Shut-off

Although we all hope that we never have an emergency or accident, it is good to be prepared. In some emergencies, it is critical to know how to shut off the utilities to your home. You don’t want to wait until a water line ruptures, or a fire starts

Does Your Foundation Need to be Repaired?

For homes built on expansive clay soils, changes in moisture level in the soil is the foundation’s worst enemy. During dry periods, the soil will contract and pull away from the foundation, leaving the edges of the foundation essentially unsupported. Since concrete slabs are flexible and not perfectly rigid, the foundation will actually sag along the edges. Then when it rains, the soil expands and pushes up against the foundation with extremely high forces.

Protecting Your Home From Termites

Termites do millions of dollars worth of damage each year to Texas homes. They cause more property damage than is caused by fire and windstorms combined. It is possible that they are eating on your home right now. There are some things that the homeowner can do to protect their homes from termites.

Water Is A Major Source Of Damage To Your Home

One of the more common and serious problems that I see over and over again is water penetration into the home. What makes this problem so serious is that if it is left uncorrected, the water can cause serious damage to the home.