Emergency Utility Shut-off

Although we all hope that we never have an emergency or accident, it is good to be prepared. In some emergencies, it is critical to know how to shut off the utilities to your home. You don’t want to wait until a water line ruptures, or a fire starts

Keeping Your Family Safe from Carbon Monoxide

With the heating season upon us, there are some things that we should all be aware of to help protect our families from carbon monoxide (CO). The dangers of carbon monoxide are magnified by the fact that it is odorless, tasteless and colorless.

Is Your Swimming Pool Leaking?

If you are constantly having to add water to your pool, the pool may simply be losing water to evaporation or it may be leaking. How do you know, and why does it matter? A leaking pool can lead to some serious problems, so it is important to know if it is leaking.

Failed Double Pane Windows

Have you ever noticed moisture in between the panes of glass in the double-paned windows in your home? Or do you have a white cloudy buildup in a window that makes it difficult to see through? If you have seen either of these phenomena in you home, then your double pane window has failed.

Will New Double Paned Windows Save Me Money?

Many sales people and websites show you how much money you can save by replacing your windows. They tell a good story, but in many cases, the actual savings are less than projected, and it often takes decades before you can break even…