Hot-Ground Reverse on Three-Light Tester

One of the few common light configurations on a three-light tester is one that is labeled as a “Hot-Ground Reverse.” This is a very rare situation that would be very difficult (and dangerous) to achieve. Assuming that the ground wire is connected all

How Circuit Breakers Work

Circuit breakers protect our homes by tripping and opening up the circuit to stop the flow of electricity if too much current flow is detected. Most circuit breakers have two separate mechanisms that each work in different situations to trip the breaker. These two mechanisms are a thermal trip and an electromagnetic trip.

Taking Care of Your Home’s Foundation

Any water that collects underneath a home’s foundation is a significant problem. It doesn’t matter what the source of the water is (rain, sprinklers, plumbing leaks). Since this water is in an enclosed space, there is very little evaporation that occurs, so the water just accumulates.

Don’t Believe Everything Your 3-Light Outlet Tester Tells You

If you are a home inspector or an electrician and are using one of the low-cost, three-light outlet testers to check electrical outlets, you could be missing a wiring problem that you should be aware of. These three-light outlet testers will NOT indicate a hot/neutral reverse situation if the outlet being tested is not grounded.

All About Smoke Detectors

Dollar-for-dollar, smoke detectors are one of best investments that you can make for the safety of your family inside your home. You can purchase them for less than $10, and there is no reason that any home in America should not have working smoke detectors installed. They could save your life someday.