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Wow!!! My house would have only cost $20,460 if I could have bought it in the year that I was born. Have you ever wondered how much your home would have cost when you were born, or in any year in the last 70 years. Well, now you can know. I found some historical house price data at   that showed the sales price of existing homes across the US from 1953 thru 2019.  I used this data to create a calculator with a little help (ok – a lot of help) from my son, Mike Morgan. All you have to do is enter the current value of your home and then choose your birth year or any year, and voila’ – you’ll have your answer. (Since the data only goes back to 1953, that is the earliest date that you can choose.)


Current home value (in USD):
Choose a year:


Home value in selected year:

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